Discusses various apps and programs that teachers can use with students which focuses on the thinking skills


In its first acquisition since launching in 2008, education social network Edmodo has purchased Root-1, a Palo Alto-based maker of education apps. The social education startup said Tuesday that Root-1’s six-person team would join Edmodo’s San Mateo, Calif. office to help it expand the app platform it launched last March.

In the last year, Edmodo’s platform has grown to support more than 400 apps from third-party developers, it said. The company, which gives teachers and students a secure online hub for communicating and collaborating, also said its user base has more than tripled to 18 million.

Edmodo did not share details on the deal but said Root-1 co-founder and early Google employee Vibhu Mittal will head up research and development, co-founders Manish Kothari and Ketan Kothari (former co-founders of AlphaSmart) would assume key positions in platform strategy and growth and co-founder Adam Stepinski (who, incidentally, was Mittal’s intern at Google) will…

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  1. I have been using Edmodo in the classroom this year. My students do compare it to Facebook. I am hoping to expand their Internet experiences by introducing them to blogging. I connected student blogs to the classroom blog. The students will have the potential ability to reach beyond the closed network of Edmodo, I am curious to how this will work with third grade students.

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