Teachers Love Technology!

That’s an interesting thought about technology and education….

disrupt learning!

I really enjoyed this graphic, which originally appeared on OnlineUniversities.com, so wanted to share it with you all here. We’re making huge progress with technology in the classroom. Isn’t it awesome?

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reinventing what we already knew in the classroom using technology

Map without Borders

Having read the dreaded “I am going to tell you about” 5-paragraph essay until my eyes glaze over and I fall into a comatose state, I have spent years scouring the earth for engaging approaches to writing. My quest has taken me to the promising lands of writing clubs, writer’s notebooks, and writer’s workshops, Four-square, and Six Traits, mystery bags, photo prompts, guided imagery, peer review, passed around team writing, speed writing, personal journals, and Morning Pages. Some were more engaging than others, but nothing too impressive…until….blogging.

Last summer, I read Lisa Parisi’s book, Making Connections with Blogging, authentic learning for today’s classrooms. It changed my weak adjective filled life for all eternity. This is my mid-year report, and folks…it’s been amazing!

So, why is blogging so cool? Here we go!

  • An authentic audience.
  • Revising! Without begging…and sometimes even student initiated.
  • Reading of each other’s writing…ON THEIR…

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An interesting take on moving into the 21st century classroom.

Chalkboard Inquiries


Photo courtesy of Flickr user jennip98

If you are reading this, then I hope you will be willing to share your Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) expertise with my new friend, Anita (@anitaasimpson), by leaving a comment.  She will be implementing a BYOD classroom in March and was hoping to get some advice to make the journey exciting but smooth, so to speak. For those unfamiliar with BYOD, it is a classroom environment where students are encouraged to bring their personal digital device (smartphone, laptop, tablet, and so on), to assist them with learning and sharing.

This initial blog post on BYOD will therefore be written with Anita in mind (and teachers considering or beginning the process of implementing BYOD).  The theme of this post will hopefully be one that provide opportunity for reflection, instead of simple advice.

Why do you want to go BYOD?

Your response to…

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Teachers seem to be embracing technology and using it in classrooms more and here is the proof it works in engaging students.

disrupt learning!

This is a very cool infographic that was originally published on the Edudemic website.  Wanted to share it here for anyone who missed it there!  I think it’s really cool to see teacher interests shifting away from hardware solutions and toward software-based solutions! Neat!

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Discusses various apps and programs that teachers can use with students which focuses on the thinking skills


In its first acquisition since launching in 2008, education social network Edmodo has purchased Root-1, a Palo Alto-based maker of education apps. The social education startup said Tuesday that Root-1’s six-person team would join Edmodo’s San Mateo, Calif. office to help it expand the app platform it launched last March.

In the last year, Edmodo’s platform has grown to support more than 400 apps from third-party developers, it said. The company, which gives teachers and students a secure online hub for communicating and collaborating, also said its user base has more than tripled to 18 million.

Edmodo did not share details on the deal but said Root-1 co-founder and early Google employee Vibhu Mittal will head up research and development, co-founders Manish Kothari and Ketan Kothari (former co-founders of AlphaSmart) would assume key positions in platform strategy and growth and co-founder Adam Stepinski (who, incidentally, was Mittal’s intern at Google) will…

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